Other Solutions

FileVision develops and delivers solutions specifically to meet the needs of the Housing Authorities, which makes for easy implementation, integration and adoption.

Other FileVision Solutions Include:

Electronic Landlord Records (ELR)
Track landlord data, documents and notes through the approval process using the ELR. Quick access to the information prior to entry into the Housing Management Software speed up the approval and ensure all required 
documents are on file.

Electronic Employee Records (EER)
Store employee documents and data securely in the FileVision EER. Automated notifications to the manager 90, 60 and 30 days prior to employee review date or probate ending date. 

Real Estate
Retain documents and data from the acquisition through the construction and maintenance of the property. Give all the appropriate users access to the documents they need electronic and quit making multiple copies to pass around. Collaborate on contracts

Contract Management
Collaborate on working documents while retaining and controlling the versions. Receive notification prior to contract expirations.

Accounts Payable
Make the three way match (Purchase Request, Purchase Order and Invoice) electronically. Easy integration to your financial software system so filing and retrieving is only a click away.

Back Office
Allow users to store and share documents across the organization using a central repository that can be easily backed up. 

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