Policy Management

FileVision’s Policy Management solution provides Housing Authorities with a comprehensive and consistent process for easily managing all policies and/or procedures and their exceptions while demonstrating compliance.  Automate, measure, validate and report at every step of your compliance initiatives, whether within individual departments or throughout the housing authority, ultimately reducing risks and costs while increasing transparency.

                      • Securely manage all policies and procedures in a single location
                      • Manage the policy lifecycle from creation, Modification and collaboration to approval and distribution
                      • Distribute to both internal users (employees) and to external users (board members and contractors)
                      • Link policies and procedures to the sources - the 'why's'
                      • Assure acknowledgement and comprehension through quizzes, surveys, and e-signatures
                      • Track and report the status of each policy and intended audience - who has acknowledged which policy, and which policies haven't been acknowledged by whom
                      • Demonstrate compliance through every phase, including historically for regulatory and incident management
                      • Centralize and normalize your organizational policies, using automated workflow to ensure proper review and approval
                      • Use your existing policy and procedure content
                      • Communicate new and updated policies across your enterprise through user-specific dashboards and email notifications that are relevant to specific roles, departments and functions.
                      • Initiate and manage requests for policy exceptions automatically using built-in workflow and alert notifications.
                      • Affordable and scalable for small and medium sized housing authorities to even the very largest

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